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New Television Thoughts
Checking In
Watching some of the new shows...

'Last Resort' - There's a distinct need to suspend disbelief here. And I suspect that'll be necessary more and more as the series goes on. That aside, the pilot was pretty darn good. Characters on the board, established, plot arranged. And of course, Andre Braugher. Braugher alone is always worth seeing. I'll give it a shot and hope it doesn't run off the rails or get cancelled.

'Elementary' - Needs even more suspension of disbelief. Really, nothing about Sherlock, Watson or Aidan Quinn's cop makes any sense whatsoever. And I almost bailed when the show started with the shirtless Jonny Lee Miller. I don't like tattoos to start with and that many, that large? Ick. But with his clothes back on and hand-waving the premise, it wasn't bad. I sure as heck wouldn't want to hang around Sherlock, but watching his adventures might not be so bad.

'Revolution' - let me put it this way - it spent 10 days sitting on the DVR. Had plenty of opportunity to watch it, and I just couldn't get to it. So I deleted it yesterday. From what I'm hearing, I didn't miss anything.

And on established shows - Person of Interest and Haven both added dogs. You know I don't object to that.

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I'm with you on Last Resort and Elementary.

You missed NOTHING by deleting Revolution.

I definitely have to catch up on Person of Interest :)

I have watched two episodes of Revolution, and really, I'm only doing it for Kripke. The heroine is like a Disney Princess dressed up as Katniss and I already want to beat her senseless.

The story itself meanders a lot and I don't think it's sorted itself out yet into what it wants to be. When I was ten, I think I would have loved it. But seriously? Terra Nova was better than this show.

Well, I barely got through the pilot of Terra Nova and never watched it again, so I'll keep my distance from Revolution!

One of our channels will be showing "Elementary".......

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