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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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Ow Ow Huh? Ow
That's been my day. I'm not sure how or when, but my back was killing me this morning, especially my lower back, which isn't what usually bugs me. It got worse and worse at work, so much so that I left early, which is something I just don't do. But I could barely walk or sit up and that point, and driving hurt even worse. So naturally I left my 'Mom' folder at the office, the day we met with the lawyer.

The elder care portion of the program was fine - we all agreed on what we want to do and how to do it. Then came the fun part - deciding what happens with the house. The attorney started listing all the different options and the financial and tax implications of each, Mom had no idea what was going on, I didn't follow much and even my brother started asking 'Huh?' And naturally, he likes the options where I can live in the house, but he gets to tell me HOW I live in the house. Lovely. He's fixated on the idea of me living in a condo instead, because he's convinced I couldn't possibly be capable of living in a house. Can I afford a mortgage? No, but that's a moot point as the house will be paid off. Can I handle the other aspects of homeownership? I think so. But he doesn't believe it. Feh. Anyway, we had to stop the meeting due to time, now we're resuming in two weeks to keep talking house. (The rest of it will be done and ready for signature in two weeks.)

Then I came home and...found CJ had figured out how to get at my clothes from inside the crate. So I had to find some way to block off the sides of the crate, which wasn't what my back was up for, so I'm hurting all over again now. Enough already. I'm going to bed.