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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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H: LotS Shout-Out
Watching this week's 'Copper' - they're doing the 1864 election and the fraud therein. The Tammany machine is giving men new names and wigs so they can vote a second time. One gentleman comes in and is informed that his name is now 'Tim Bayliss'.

Snerk. Definitely a Levinson/Fontana production.
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Several weeks ago, I sent a Tweet at the BBCA Copper feed asking for Richard Belzer to appear as Munch's 19th-century ancestor. To my surprise, Belzer found it and retweeted it.

I'd really like to see Belzer as Munch on Doctor Who. That would just be wild.

That would be *awesome*. Heck, we should just try to get Munch on as many shows as possible.

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