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Getting Very Frustrated

Snarl Growl Snarl Growl…my sister-in-law took my mother to a seniors expo yesterday – I didn’t know about it and neither of them saw fit to mention it to me. Anyway, every single suggestion I’ve made to my mother in the last couple years regarding transportation, socialization, senior centers and activities, etc? That she refused to even consider? My sister-in-law says the exact same thing and suddenly they’re just the awesomest ideas ever, let's start tomorrow and why didn’t my daughter tell me about these things?

Meanwhile, after six plus weeks of me working with the geriatric care manager and the senior day care center – including spending my only two holidays on my mother’s issues – my mother informed the day center today that ‘my daughter-in-law says I shouldn’t go to your place so I won’t.’

Frankly, I’m at the point of OK, your son and daughter-in-law are perfect and can do nothing wrong? Great. Move in with them. They can take care of you, because clearly, everything I do is wrong.

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