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It Wasn't a Good Weekend
Things didn't improve after Friday. Turns out Hectic Red played their 25th anniversary gig Saturday. I didn't find out until that day...and I was too worn out and too broke to go. CJ did well in training Saturday, but I can't take her to either of the following classes, and she did more damage to her crate Sunday - in fact, there is a piece of crate she broke off and I can't even figure out where it came from. Went to Alphabet Soup with Dave on Sunday, but we arrived to find our fellow gamers on the sidewalk listening to the security alarm squawk. No idea how long it had been going off, but well before any of us got there. The person with the key was late and unreachable, but finally showed up. Missed part of the Ravens game as a result, and then my fave Raves both went down for the season. (I was also 2-11 at fantasy football.) My back and neck are killing me, I haven't been able to eat and I'm pretty sure I have both an ulcer and an infection. And then there was Mom. She flatly refused to go back to the day center and my brother and his wife backed her on it. She lost her wallet; she threw out a lot of the paperwork I had for her. I still have to take her to the doctor and the lawyer this week, and babysit the nephews. I don't see this week being any better than the weekend.