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Just Terrific
CJ saw the vet today. The vet says her broken tooth has exposed pulp and signs of infection, so he's sending her to the doggie dentist. Exam, x-rays, bloodwork, consultation, anaesthesia, pain meds and if I'm lucky, just a tooth extraction. The dentist wants to do a root canal just because it's the canine tooth, but I don't think there's enough tooth left to bother. But in any event, I'm looking at hundred of dollars, the same month as car insurance and Christmas shopping. Great.
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Oh yuck. I hope it doesn't cost too much. We lucked out I guess. They didn't require X-rays when Dahlia broke a tooth. They just extracted the tooth.

Did she break a canine or another tooth? That is apparently the big deal in CJ's case. Myself, I just want it to not get infected.

It was a different tooth thankfully (one of her molars). I hope it doesn't get infected. We only knew Dahlia had broken the tooth because she got an abscess and the whole side of her face swelled up.

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