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Everyone Knows It's Windy
Checking In
Blowing something awful out there now, and we've sprung a leak somewhere on the back porch. Not huge, but enough to make us worry. Keeping an eye on the stairwell storm drain and keeping it clear. I'm going to try sleeping in the basement tonight, the wind will be just too noisy to try it in my bedroom. Work is probably off for tomorrow; Baltimore City has ordered all non-emergency vehicles off the roads until noon tomorrow, which would make going to the office, uh, sort of illegal. Also, the Falls is up to parking lot level now and rising, so the roads will be closed even if Falls Road doesn't collapse. Meeps. Power has gone out 3 times, for 15 minutes or less each time, but I have no cell signal.

More amusingly - CJ went out to do her thing. She tends to poop in a tripod position, with one hind leg pointed skyward. Well, she tried to do that this evening - and was blown over mid-poop. She returned to me very wet and rather embarrassed.
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