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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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Went To Work Today
Voluntarily. The TPTB went in after the curfew against driving was lifted, found power on and no damage, but told us footsoldiers we could take the day off anyway. I told them I was coming in anyway. Yes, I'm insane. But I was out yesterday and this morning, and I took vacation back in April for Thursday and Friday, so I didn't want to come in for just one day. More importantly, Mom and I were getting on each other's nerves, mostly because Roxie flatout refuses to leave the bedroom. I was given permission to bring CJ to the office (where she promptly pooped in the middle of the floor; sheesh) and even with CJ off the property for 3 hours, apparently it took over 2 of them to get Roxie to go outside. Mom feels this is my fault.

Anyway, there wasn't much going on, just 2 days' worth of mail and few pieces to prep for outgoing. So CJ & I were there about 3 hours, got work done, CJ visited the boss (she knows who keeps treats in his desk!) and hopefully earned brownie points against being out half the week.

Now I need to get some sleep - I had to sleep in the basement thanks to Sandy, and my body/mind just didn't like being in a bed that wasn't mine. Only got a couple hours in as a result.
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