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Euroquest, Check
Checking In
Well, Friday was as good as Thursday was bad. I picked up an assortment of wins, including one in a Settlers tournament heat, and a bunch of seconds. At one point I was third in the wild card tournament. Saturday...was back to my usual form, a few seconds but several lasts and I lost the Settlers semi-final on a dumb mistake, failing to note what my opponent was up to. Then again, I did beat my friend Eugene, who is generally acknowledged as one of the best gamers in Maryland, in consecutive games of Stone Age and Settlers.  I treated myself to a new game, Castles of Burgundy, because the things I needed weren't available.Today was also pretty half-arsed, I didn't win a thing, not even a cooperative game. At least it only lasted half the day and I was able to come home and watch the Ravens win. Now I have a lot of internet and a stuffed DVR to contend with, before going back to work tomorrow.


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