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The Bill Is How Much?!?
CJ is now home from the doggie dentist. She had to have both lower canines extracted, and the one that was broken to begin with was abscessed. (The other was misshapen and unstable; the dentist said it would either break off or break her jaw in the near future.) The bill so far is $1,680.00. Also known as six weeks' take-home pay. Right before car insurance is due. There will be no Christmas around here, other than what I picked up early in the year. Or much of anything else.
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OMG that's INSANE. I can't believe it was that much to extract a couple teeth. o.O It didn't cost us that much to extract two teeth in TWO surgeries.

It's probably because it was an animal dentistry practice, rather than a general vet. The regular vet said they couldn't handle something like this. And I don't recall the place where I interned doing something beyond cleaning either, so I took the referral.


I will assume no pet insurance?

I've been told by many sources that pet insurance isn't worth it - they pull the 'not covered'/'pre-existing condition' shenanigans just like human insurance. Plus I can't afford it. So, no insurance. And I didn't qualify for the pet credit card. Owie.

Yeah Owie. I have VPI for the cats, only had to use it once, for a dental issue, they gave me no problems at all, paid 90 percent of the bill in 2 weeks.

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