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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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Pressure and Relief
The weight of the dentist bill is heavy. My gut, which hasn't been doing well to start with, really didn't take this new batch of stress well and I was up half the night partly because of that and partly because CJ couldn't find a comfortable position and whimpered nonstop. Finally I got up and went to check the election results. At 2am. Amazingly, while I'm still totally stressed, just reading the results seemed to reduce the piano on my back from full-size to baby grand. Aside from way too much gambling, my state is fine, and my friends can get married. The country, meanwhile, will still be run by a pragmatic centrist, and half the government will be willing to play ball with him. In short, my personal situation sucks, but my country's situation couldn't have turned out much better.

CJ, however, did not behave well at work today (I was able to take her because she was supposed to be 'under observation') so back to the crate for her. And no monitoring. Because Mom just. won't. do. it. I hope CJ doesn't injure herself further. Eesh.