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Just Shoot Me Now
Angry Raven
The heater died sometime Thursday, and none of the small fixes suggested to me worked, so we had to have a repair guy come in and fix it. His company forgot to call before he came over, so I had to rescue him from CJ. Turned out a part in the heater had called it a career, fortunately he was able to fix it and we finally got heat back.

But...I've been saying for days I thought something in the house stunk. Mom didn't believe me. The smell kept getting worse. It was really bad near the heater (and downright embarrassing with the repairman there). Figured out what it was - a few weeks ago after Sandy, Mom got it into her head that the downstairs freezer should be turned off. She never turned it back on. I spent much of my morning fishing over a hundred pounds of rotten meat out of soupy three inches worth of liquid rot. Plenty of it splattered on me on top of everything. Barely crammed it all into the trash can, and it won't be picked up until Wednesday, meep. My back is killing me from lifting stuff from the bottom and carrying it all outside and the entire house stinks to high heaven. Meanwhile, I have no idea what to do with the soup in the freezer or how to get it out of there, or what to do with the freezer itself. Mom thinks it's broken, with the soup it might be broken now but it wasn't before. Gah.
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In most cases, the freezer unit itself is sealed away from the inner compartment except for the ventilation, so you may be OK there.

As far as the *gurk* soup, buy the cheapest wet vac you can, suck it out and dump it then dispose of the wet vac (there is no way to adequately disinfect it after that).

You can then wash out the freezer with a hose (they usually have a drain), disinfect with a bleach solution and let air dry.

With all of that said, you really can't catch a break, can you...

O ick. I'm sorry - what a mess!

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