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Gonzai Gallery

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Sushi Monster
Today was better than yesterday, not that it would take much. We looked at houses, a couple of which were very nice, and we went out for my 'birthday' dinner. Since I haven't been much on food lately, we drove around until I saw something amenable, which turned out to be a sushi restaurant. Mom doesn't like sushi, officially, although I have gotten her to try it a couple times and she found it wasn't as bad as she thought. I figured she could have teriyaki. She decided she'd try a sushi roll, and I got an assortment of rolls, and she tried some of mine. She loved it, all but the Ravens roll ironically enough. I was perfectly happy with mine, but she was thrilled. So maybe I've finally converted her.

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Yay sushi!

Sadly, I've never converted my mother to it. Goodness knows I've tried, but she makes the "OMG EWWWWW!" face instantly if I even mention sushi. I might as well hand her a bug and tell her it's yummy. :/

Ah well, more for meeeee!

I've been working on my Mom just so we can go to the same restaurant! But maybe now, we can agree on Japanese. Yum...

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