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Random Television Thoughts
Who would have thought the best thing Person of Interest could add was a dog? And not just because I'm an animal person, Bear is the perfect addition to the show.

Quote of the week, from Bob Costas on Sunday Night Football, after noting the Steelers would be wearing 1933 throwback uniforms: "As if the Depression wasn't bad enough."

Grimm had the world's best cliffhanger ending, ever, last week. (Not a spoiler) Fade to black, "to be continued", and then... "Sorry." Awesome.

Last Resort was cancelled. However, ABC is going to let them wrap up the show's storyline. Why can't all networks do that?

Haven. Lucas Bryant is damn fine. If he gained 10 pounds I'd have to...never mind. Meanwhile,
[Nice. Reveal the bolt-gun killer...and then take an episode off from that plotline. Um, if you want to drop that thread, maybe do it BEFORE you reveal the killer? Please?]

Boardwalk Empire.
[Quite a body count this week. And none of the people I expected, at least not this week.]

[Based on a comment to David Simon's blog, I was expecting deaths. Some destruction, but everyone's still with us. For now.]

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I cant get Boardwalk Empire at all. Something about that era I just dont like.
Bring back Robert Stack as Elliot Ness.
Person of Interest, Treme, Haven, Grimm all show here......but Ive never watched more than five minutes.
Chicago Fire I like.
2 Broke Girls....Girls....New Girl....very poor. Especially 2 Broke Girls, I just dont have empathy with them. Basically I have to care about characters.

I can understand about Boardwalk Empire, it's not for everyone. Grimm & Haven, too. But you might want to give Treme & Person of Interest another shot - POI's improving every week, and while it's slow to build, Treme will definitely make you care about these characters. It's why I'm so afraid someone is going to die - I care about all of them.

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