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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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In Anticipation of Christmas
I know full well what I’m getting for Christmas this year.

What is not clear is what I will be getting for what I’m getting for Christmas. That is to say, I’m getting a Kindle Fire HD, and I’ve never owned any type of smartphone or tablet, so I’m working on what exactly to get for it, on a budget. I think I have all the appropriate hardware/accessories (a case - purple, of course - is also coming for Christmas; I have styli, charger, charger cord, hdmi cord, and screen protectors).

But I don’t know from apps, and there’s only so much memory/money to work with. Suggestions? Esp. in the realms of maps, weather, language learning/translation, notepad/to do list and radio. And a spinning thing. What with all my board gaming, something that determines who goes first is always useful!