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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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Maybe I Should Be Quiet
Today was a day off work that wasn't really worth it - took off for Mom's meeting with the lawyer, the lawyer didn't show up because *she* forgot the appointment, so the document review and signing was done by conference call. Then I went to PT for the first time in ages, for a new injury, except the scheduler - after telling me it would be a one hour appointment because it was a new condition - scheduled me for 15 minutes. Yeah...Fortunately one of the two people also in my slot no-showed, because, you know, awkward!

But the really awkward thing was, it was rather chilly today. So I wore long pants, of course, and a nice sweater to the attorney's office. But I was having PT done on my knee and ankle, so I switched from pants to shorts for the PT. It took only the walk from the car to the gym for my knees to freeze. And when the receptionist asked me how I was, I answered without thinking...in front of a gymful of strangers..."I miss my pants!"

In retrospect, that could be taken the wrong way...