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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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I Went to the Movies
Checking In
I know, it's shocking. And then didn't see the movie I went to see. 

Mom wanted to see Les Miz; the paper said there was a 2:45 show. We tried to run a couple errands first, but both took longer than we expected, and then there was traffic, and we wound up at the theatre a couple minutes after 2:45. And the sign there said Les Miz started at 2:30. The paper had the wrong time. Arrrgh. It was already started, and with a line for buying tickets, plus refreshments & bathroom, there was no point. However, Lincoln was still in previews, so we saw that instead. Very well done, surprisingly funny (loved the Ethan Allen story) and remarkably timely in that the process of passing the 13th Amendment is not at all unlike what's been going on in Congress the last few years and now in particular. I recommend it.