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When Artists Invade the Internet

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Gritting My Teeth
After the pleasantness that was seeing the Ray-vens game end in a most positive fashion, I am now undoing my good mood in service of one of my 'resolutions'. I've already seen over 2/3rds of the films that have appeared on the AFI's Greatest Films list, so I'm going to try to watch them all. Turned out the one I least wanted to see was on this weekend on a channel I didn't know existed. And that channel exists only in HD. Thus it is recorded, in HD, and taking up way too much of the DVR, and must be watched as soon as possible for the DVR's sake. I'll stick with it as much as I can since it's 'great' and certainly a pop culture touchstone, but I doubt I'll get far.

The film? 'A Clockwork Orange'. Already pretty sick.

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I saw it again not too along, I liked it better having read the stage play version the author wrote.

I finished it, nearly all the things I had trouble with were at the beginning as it turns out. (Same problem I had with 'The Godfather'.) Still wouldn't want to see it again, though.

I can never get through Apocalypse Now myself...

I barely got through Apocalypse Now, and I have no interest in ever seeing it again! I don't usually bail out mid-film, but once I've seen a movie in its entirety I have no qualms about never seeing it again.

I usually stick through movies to the end, but I just find myself either falling asleep or wandering off to find something else to every single time I try Apocalypse Now. It's my Hollywood kryptonite.

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