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Gonzai Gallery

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Bad Morning, Decent Evening
Checking In
I will be the first to admit that I am chronically late/rushed in the morning. However, throwing a very recalcitrant dog (who woke me an hour early and refused to go upstairs at the appropriate time), a bunch of utility workers who apparently think our driveway is their parking lot, and an obnoxious sales call from an energy company who wouldn't take no, much less 'you cannot speak to my mother' as an answer, did not help me get out the door any faster. (BTW, I would love, love, LOVE some regulation on the bleepin' energy companies. Constant calls, deceptive practices, refusing to put things in writing...grrrr.)

The actual work day was passable, my PT is pleased with the progress of my knee (and he was on time for a change), and the line for a Ravens autograph was reasonable, however. Picked up a signed piccie from Dennis Pitta, who caught the winning TD for the Ravens Sunday. I told him to try not to freeze this weekend - it's supposed to be 15 degrees at gametime. I think I'll be cuddled under my blankies at home.