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When Artists Invade the Internet

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That's It?
Lemme get this straight now - Syfy deep-sixed an ep of Haven and kicked the last two episodes back a whole month...because the setting was a 20th high school reunion? I'm not seeing the connection between somewhat older folk going back for a reunion and Newtown. That move really wasn't necessary.
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I so agree with you!

And I said the same thing out loud (and so did my partner) several times during the episode. I mean hell, it wasn't like a single person was even shot! How does steam explosion to the face of a deserving bully equal anything that happened at Sandy Hook?

I'm heartily sick of knee-jerk reactions to American over-sensibility/sensitivity pretentiousness. The mind boggles.

You can't please everyone all of the time. I wish the media would realize that and stop playing to the .1% who won't be happy no matter what.

Actually, given the wall to wall coverage of Newtown, I think there might have been a concern over how many people would be watching, in addition to sensitivity concerns.. Pretty much every network pulled back new original programming that night.

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