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Oh, Boy
I just dropped off the car at the garage for some minor work tomorrow morning. Between the dark, the traffic and the cold, I didn't want to walk back to the house, so I asked my mother to follow me in her car.

Conclusion: she absolutely should NOT be driving.

She could not find her keys. Right in front of her. Lost them again between the house and her car. I gave up and gave her mine (I had a key-only for the garage). She pulled in behind me at the garage, then got out of the car. Huh? I took car of things with the garage, came back out and she was standing in the parking lot with her car door open. I asked if she wanted me to drive. She said no. Then why aren't you in the car? I ask. Aren't we leaving my car here? she says. Oof. She couldn't figure out how to unlock any door except the drivers. She asked how to alert the guy waiting to turn into the parking lot that she was going to turn right. I suggested she try her turn signal. She turned on the wipers. I told her the turn signal. She said this is the turn signal. She didn't have her lights on at all, either, in full dark. I gave up and reached over to turn on her lights and signal. Finally got her out of the parking lot. She turns on the signal for the wrong direction (right) and turns left. She came within an inch of several parked cars on the right. When we got to the house again, she was upset because the key fob didn't lock the car. I pointed out that she had my car keys, not hers. She didn't understand why my keys wouldn't shut down her car.

So, time for the 'you're not driving any more' conversation. Oh, joy.
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