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Haven Finale
Oh, I could go on at great length on the huh?s and wha?s and that doesn't make senses.

However, right now I will settle for:

[Finale Spoilers]
Where did this thing about James being sick come from? I don't recall that he was sick before going in the barn 27 years ago, and he looked fine walking out of it, but suddenly they're talking about how sick he is?

Then Duke telling Alma that only Audrey knows where the barn is, but then Duke takes Alma to the barn without any help from Audrey.

If Audrey and James have been in the barn together for 27 years, how does James not remember this/not notice when Audrey disappears for a length of time?

I feel like large chunks of the show were edited out for whatever reason and left what was still there incomplete. I'll save the ranting about what wasn't answered/what doesn't make sense for a later date.

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I want some episodes devoted to how the Troubles began. I have theories, have paused the intro and read the Haven Herald newspapers they throw up on screen, and so forth. I have theories, dammit, and now I want to see if I guessed right.

The James being sick could be explained 1 of two ways. 1, he did in fact catch some bug, but more likely, he was dead when they took him in 27 years ago, and since its the barn keeping him alive, the longer out the weaker he gets. That's why Howard let him out, he knows he has to come back.

And there's no guarantee that time passes inside the Barn at the same rate as outside. Or maybe he did know Audrey had left for the first time 3 years ago and was hanging out with Howard.

That said, it did seem like they painted themselves into a corner a bit with the Barn plot.

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