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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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Horse Feathers
How Nice
I tuned up for the football game by going to the horse expo. I'm diverse like that. Mom managed to lose her ticket in the 12 feet between me giving it to her and approaching the ticket taker. Otherwise she wasn't too bad out there. After a great deal of prodding, I was able to get her to buy a present for my sister-in-law (Mom and I don't wear jewelry, but Janine does), a multi-colored fused glass pendant. There was a pen & ink artist there whose work is fabulous, so we bought a print of a horse standing in a creek, I'll mat & frame it sometime this week. Gorgeous piece. A horse trainer was showing how to introduce horses to unfamiliar situations by teaching a beautiful palomino to kick a giant soccer ball. Really. But mostly it was about visiting with the horses and ponies on exhibit. Some of them had had enough for the weekend and were sulking; but some were still interested and some - especially the draft horses from Gentle Giants rescue - were really enjoying the attention. It was hard to get good pics, but I got a couple.

Up Close This rescue horse seemed to be in the dumps. But he held still, darn it.
Patience A Shire available for adoption, this big fella (his feet were nearly a foot in diameter) was loving the attention and demanding treats. But when he was given a strawberry - ptooey, said he.

Last but not least, a Norwegian Fjord horse. They are considered draft horses, but often and in this case are pony-sized. He also had an awesome haircut - his mane stood straight up and had three rows of different color hair. And he was friendly as heck, he couldn't visit with and sneeze upon everyone fast enough. I have a new favorite breed.
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