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Some Days
It feels like I use all of my (few) holidays and (limited) vacation time to try and get things done for my mother, and half the time it still doesn't get done. See: 2.5 hours at the bank trying to get me on her account with power of attorney. This was the second time we tried to do this, the first time the attorney didn't give us the document in time. And it's still not done, because of course, my brother has to be physically present at the bank but he declined to show up because he saw no reason why he couldn't do it by phone. Because it's the bank's policy, not mine, that's why. Grrr. So he's still on the account as a joint owner, and I'm not a joint owner, just POA. Great. Hopefully I can drag his ass in there soon...except that's another half day of vacation.
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