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Oh Wow. Oh WOW.
say what?
Game on! (And live blog on!)

Mom couldn't stand Alicia Keys. Wait'll Beyonce gets out there.

Wow. That was all very efficient. One break (the illegal formation penalty) and otherwise perfect execution. 7-0 Ravens.

One fumble/turnover, one touchdown. 14-3 Ravens.

One interception/turnover and whole lotta chippiness. These guys are gonna brawl. Scoring remains to be seen. Still 14-3.

Look, guys? I appreciate the trick plays and all that. But this is the Superbowl. Take the easy field goal and quit goofing around and don't chance the kicker getting hurt, OK?

What a move by Jacoby Jones. I forgot if your knees don't touch the ground and the opposition doesn't touch you, you can keep going. 21-3 Ravens.

Speaking of Jacoby...We have just seen history. The first 109-yard kickoff return in NFL history, not just the Superbowl. I didn't even think he should try to run it and I know darn well Jones can do it. He's my playoff MVP. Over Flacco, even.

Not saying the Ravens are hot or anything, but the SuperDome has apparently blown one heckuva fuse. Looks like half of the Dome is running on backup lights. This could be a problem.

On the other hand, with the PA out, there's only one thing you can hear in the Dome. The Ravens fans chanting our unofficial anthem, 'Seven Nation Army'. We are LOUD.

OK, I'm from Baltimore. I have the standard Baltimore inferiority complex, combined with a healthy dose of skeptism/suspicion as regards the NFL and Baltimore football. But still...the moment the Ravens completely take control of the game and threaten to turn it into a laugher, the power goes out. The NFL refuses to comment about it. And the power stays out just long enough for the Ravens to lose momentum and San Francisco to try and get it back. I don't think it's a coincidence. At best, the NFL wanted to stop the blowout. Yes, I'm paranoid. I will shut up now.

Ho. Ly. Crap. We won the Superbowl.


There's purple & white confetti everywhere and Chykie Brown is swimming in it. I don't know whether to cry, join the people setting off fireworks or just text everyone I know.


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I get you on the Baltimore/NFL inferiority thing. I was kind of expecting the Ravens to lose it after the power outage. But hey, yay! They actually didn't. Pretty awesome.

Now our drivers can put the pennants on their cars and drive like a$$holes for the next two months. (There is actually a perfectly sound biological reason for this phenomenon. It has to do with the rise of testosterone levels in the bloodstreams of the members of a winning species, race or, in this case, team in accordance with dominating the pecking order. It's a hormone boost for a quick reproductive influx. Crime rates also rise accordingly, speeding and aggressive driving being the ones that most drivers readily embrace and indulge in.)

It was a great game, and I am SO thrilled that my Ravens won!

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