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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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Farpoint, Over
Checking In
Home and trying to catch up on the DVR now.

Got to meet Giancarlo Esposito and talk H:LotS with him; talked board games with Felicia Day and hockey with Lee Arenberg; and Bonita Friedercy & John Billingsley were hysterical. I want film of their panels, I will PAY for those films. I was part of the fun on Saturday, when my attempts to get Bonita's opinion of Timothy Olyphant's backside turned into John attempting to instigate a Ravens/Steelers brawl. They are SO funny.

Meanwhile, I learned to play the card game 'Poo' from jslinder and returned the favor by teaching him, another gamer and a complete stranger to play Castles of Burgundy. Panels didn't go quite so well, problem wasn't the panels but that once again the con put children's programming in the next room and once again the kids were allowed, if not encouraged to run wild. Noise, noise & more noise, drowning out our attempts at discussion. Similar problem with the inaugural Geek Speed-dating - we were all crammed into a small room and we couldn't hear each other. I had almost no voice left afterwards. And only one guy professed interest in me. Plenty of visiting with folks I know, unusually good eating for a con, etc. Generally a good weekend.