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Remind Me
That the next time I decide to do some serious lifestyle changes, I probably don't want to start the day after a con.

I was late to work twice last week (mind, 15 minutes late) and was read the riot act accordingly. Then I had a doctor's appointment Friday and the doctor read me his own riot act about my diet. So as cons go, I ate better at Farpoint than usual (cereal for breakfast, veggie flatbread pizza for dinner, mostly drank water) and post-con I've managed to stick with the cereal, eat a semblance of lunch, and a healthy dinner. Also getting up half an hour earlier in hopes of getting out of the house before Mom wakes up and starts with passive-aggressive 'if you really cared you'd stay here and do (x)' which I could also do when I get home but she wants it NOW. I was going to start going back to the gym today, until I crashed from the lovely combo of less sleep, radical diet change and post-con blahs, which I increasingly suspect includes con crud. Sore throat and a cough. Great.

Shoot for tomorrow on the gym, I guess. And try to be awake and not starving tomorrow. Right.