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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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A Day Of Not Much
Checking In
It didn't snow much here today, mostly rain. But I didn't go in anyway, partly because we were told we probably shouldn't, partly because I would have been the only there, and mostly because there was a huge accident on the Beltway by my house that woke us. I was disinclined to go and Mom was very insistent I not go. There were at least two more accidents near here, so not much of a mess but enough to make drivers stupid. I got a few things done, laundry, CJ, some computer stuff, but mostly watched stuff on the DVR. Tried calling in to the office, but the phone didn't ring which usually means no power. Tried logging in on the computer, but it came back as computer not on. It was on when I left yesterday, so definitely a power issue. I'll be back in tomorrow, regardless.
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