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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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Weekend Done
Checking In
Very done. Burned a bunch of DVDs, labelled and filed them. Put away two years' worth of paperwork into the appropriate folders and boxes and produced quite a large amount of stuff for the recycling and shredder bins in the process. Went to dinner with Mom, it went better this time and she discovered she likes corned beef. Went house-looking, 3 very nice ones, 1 horrid one and 1 where they wouldn't let us in. Gated community. Claimed they had no idea what we were talking about...and made us back out of a narrow, curving driveway rather than let me turn around, which took 10 minutes and some of my fender. (I checked, the house was listed as open on 3 different realty sites. I wonder how many more people they put through crap.) I told the guard I wouldn't want to live in a place like that and I sure wouldn't subject my friends to it. Assholes. Went to one of the local family markets for the first time, they were expensive but had some offbeat things and a lot of catering options. Caught up with TV. And movies. Three of 'em. Knocked out 'Deer Hunter' (which in turn could have been an hour shorter with no harm done), 'Sunrise' (likewise) and 'The Third Man', which I've seen before but it's damn good movie so I watched it again. I do highly recommend that one to anyone who likes a good mystery/film noir.