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When Artists Invade the Internet

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Dr Who
Just watched the first episode. Good news: Mom semi-recognized David Tennant. ("Isn't he one of men in the blue box on the show you watch?") The bad news is she couldn't follow the story in any way. She asked a half dozen times who died. The show itself seems fine, if a touch slow.

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I have the first three episodes taped.
David Tennant was a brilliant Dr Who and has hardly been off TV since.
Not just as an able actor, he is a regular panelist and presenter on comedy shows, a voice over on several commercials and a very visible presence in the commercials for Richard Bransons Virgin Media/TV.
Much as I like him...he is a nice guy as his appearance on Who Do You Think You are...shows...but just a little over-exposed.
So good to see him back to what he does best in Broadchurch.Olivia Colman is a fine actress but best known in comedy such as Peep Show, Green Wing a nd Twenty Twelve and usually playing a very "plain Jane" kinda character. She has earned a lot of praise and from a very early stage in career it was obvious she would be a star.
I think Tennant-Colman work well together.
The susprise hits of the past few years on BBC hve been moody Scandanavian crime and political thrillers which have been over ten episodes and the conventional wisdom is that Broadchurch....eight hours less commercials...is too long for a mainstream TV audience....it is exteremely slow but I think the performances merit it.
Interesting to see David Bradley there.
Pauline Quirke as the lady in the caravan and Will Mellor as the creepy guy are better known for comedy.Some other well known faces in small parts.
The majority of the cast are unknown to me (and I am a kinda walking Database of character actors) which is actually a good idea as we dont have pre-conceptions about who the kller is.
I have watched three episodes "live" and taped them ...which means I was nt paying much attetion as to how the story is developing so I have to sit down some afternoon and watch three hours of Broadchurch. And ...it feels like a chore.

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