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Freezer Follies
Our extra freezer died last November, costing us a ton of meat and a lot of aggravation (and stink). Now it appears that at the very least, the freezer part of our refrigerator has quit. Half the stuff in there has thawed, mostly the things on the top shelf or in the door. The basket seems to be OK so far. The fridge itself isn't too cold either. So, I hauled most of the fridge contents (that which was bottled, jarred or canned) to the back porch - the temperature isn't supposed to top 40 until at least Tuesday - and we cooked some of the still decent stuff from the freezer. I was surprised that a repair shop in the area was semi-open on a Sunday; they take calls and set up appointments on Sundays. They're coming over tomorrow, I won't be home and I can't get off work (supervisor is still out) so hopefully Mom doesn't completely freak out.

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Our homeowners insurance includes a freezer failure for up to $500 in goods.... Might be worth checking.

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