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Tonight's GoT (No Spoiler)
OK, so the whole kingdom's at war, no one is bathed or primped outside of King's Landing...but they found the time to crimp the horse's mane. Right then.

[Not a spoiler either but just in case]ETA - The business with Podrick & the whorehouse...I don't recall that from the books, but I certainly appreciated it :)

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The third episode will be shown here tonight. I wasn't impressed with episode 1 but episode 2 picked up the pace. Slightly irritated at the small parties of wanderers avoiding each other as they travel thru Westeros...and indeed beyond.
As always Tyrion lights up the screen.
Last week it was announced that a fourth season will start soon. Much of the Westeros stuff is made in Belfast.
And a lot of the locations are no more than 25 miles from the city.

Yes, Tyrion and Arya are worth the price of admission. These early episodes are more about setting the chessboard, but things are heating up.

There is almost a formula to every episode so there seems no surprise.There will be a few theatres of war eg the "dragon story" which will not feature at all. This leaves maybe six story-lines which DO feature.
And in given episode, there are maybe three or four scenes which further that story line.
The series is moving at a generally very slow pace and is actually short on "action". Each week we are introduced to maybe one or new characters and they seem increasingly bizarre.
Several of the Actors such as Charles Dance bring a kind of gravitas to it all...which lifts it all above the "routine" fantasy.
It has been described as "Fantasy for people who don't like Fantasy" and I think that's fair. I always have a problem with "fantasy" such as Xena, Legend of the Seeker....the questing groups always seem to have perfect hygiene and clean clothes and never seem to hunt or forage.
Essentially I think of the Lannisters as rooted in London...prissy and posh and the Starks are earthy people from Yorkshire and Lancashire.
The people beyond the wall are the Scots.
I suppose that's the hing about fantasy....there has to be references, intended or otherwise, with which we need to identify.

Part with Pod was the best bit. Who knew? Podrick Payne: man of action!

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