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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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I Have Had Nothing To Say
Checking In
Last week, well, that was rough without national/world events piling on. Work was tough, I wasn't sleeping and I was rather stressed. So I hit the dog show over the weekend for a well-deserved break.

relaxed clumberThe reigning national champion Clumber Spaniel. Clearly mellow.
AttentionA Sheltie, 'stacked'.
Red AussieA lovely Aussie Shepherd.
Bad HairThere's bad hair days, and then there's this.
KeeseyKeeshond fluff. I've owned two Keeses, great dogs.
Berger PicardA Berger Picard. Never even heard of the breed before.
foxy facePeekaboo! (Long-haired Chihuahua.)
Big EyesI felt like this dog last week. (Chinese crested, powder puff.)
Pretty GirlHow soft he looks.
HugsScary thought of the day - that Dane is a puppy.
Fuzz facePoofy Chow.
wheatenThis Wheaten is ready for his close-up.