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Stephen King vs George R R Martin
A Clash of Kings and A Storm of Swords are both long, long books. So is Under the Dome. It took me 5 weeks to read ACoK and 6 to read ASoS. It took me 2 weeks to read Under the Dome.

Now, I'm sure some of this is due to UoD having very long chapters and ASoIF having short ones; when I'm reading at home or at my leisure, I read a chapter at a time, so I read more of UoD at a time. And, with Martin's books, I have to stop regularly to check maps or family trees.

But still, dang King is an easier read than Martin.

From what I'm seeing in previews, UoD won't hold a candle to GoT, so Martin keeps the television prize.

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Interesting, I have the reverse problem. With the exception of Eyes of the Dragon, I have a hard time reading through King's prose.

But admittedly Martin is a little closer to my own writing style, and I've listened to Roy Dotrice read ASoI&F several times, so that no doubt helps.

There was some thing on the net recently which analyzed writing style, I submitted one of my fanfics and it informed me that my writing style matches that of King. So that's probably a lot of it. (And the not having to refer to maps all the time.)

BTW, I loved Eyes of the Dragon. One of his best.

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