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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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Still Trucking On The Movie List
Checking In
Just finished watching my first Charlie Chaplin film, specifically 'The Gold Rush'. It was an reissued version narrated by Chaplin himself. It was, of course, rather ridiculous and random, but very chuckleworthy. I have two more Chaplins to go. Last weekend we watched 'From Here To Eternity', a film about the dumbest soldiers ever. Really. I'm amazed any of them survived the movie. In between I went with a movie that isn't on the 'best' list but seems to have some pop culture cachet - 'A Fistful of Dollars'. Speaking of really dumb people. And I kept thinking how much Clint Eastwood then and Hugh Jackman now look alike.

Now it's Dr Who time - didn't anyone ever teach you not to get on a spaceship with a madman?