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Mother's Day, Done. Way Early.
Took Mom out for 'Mother's Day' tonight, because her present was to see 'Wait Wait Don't Tell Me' on live satellite simulcast. First we went to dinner at a seafood place I found by accident, excellent crab cake, directly across from the movie theatre. Then we watched the simulcast, wherein the gang were summarily upstaged by their house band for the night, Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings. They found the funk in Woody Guthrie and really lit up the place, leaving the show, uh, calm by comparison. Heck, they had to skip the limericks just to make the time slot. But good food, good music and some laughs, which was a relief because Mom was a train wreck in the morning. Next couple of days at Game Days. Phew.

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Ooo, I'm so jealous!! I've always wanted to see "Wait, Wait" in person. I was on the show once, ages ago. I even won :) but I've never had Mr. Castle do my message because I haven't thought of anything clever enough for him to say.

One of these days...

Hm. You got on the show and won, I met Karl & Peter. Between the two of us we've got this sewed up.

Yep - I think we do. :)

I went with my parents and we had a great time. Totally agree with you about the band, they were amazing. I was sorry about the limericks, that's usually my favorite part, but the gang and Steve Martin were very funny.

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