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Gonzai Gallery

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Pass the Dice
Checking In
Home from Game Days now. I skipped all of the demos and tournaments, somehow, and the only things I bought from the vendor were my pre-orders. But I picked up an assortment of card games in the used game sale, and learned 4 new games. One was a kids game, which I would reserve for playing with kids. The others were more complicated, but I'd be willing to play them again. There are other new games I'd like to try, but most of the folks I play with aren't really into a) new games; b) expansions to games we do play; c) card/abstract games that don't take long; and d) super long games. I'm not crazy about the d) group, but I'm willing on the first 3. One of these days...

Oh, and Pass the Dice? That's the name of a horse that placed in a stakes race on the Derby undercard. Must be owned by a gamer.