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A Family Weekend
How Nice
The intended family shindig/memorial for my uncle Jim didn't quite go off as planned yesterday, as Jim's best friends couldn't make it and my younger uncle had a diabetic, blind, deaf and partially paralyzed Labrador in tow. Meanwhile my brother's kids were quite overscheduled and a huge storm blew in while we were driving up. But once we got everything settled, we had a good day. Remind me, however, not play hockey with my nephews, at least not for an hour at a time, or on the same day I move a swing set. There's some serious muscle pulls going on here today.

Today was perfect weather-wise, so I took Mom to a couple high end homes. The first one was over 100 years old and had an amazing yard, flowers on top of flowers and a stone gazebo. The second was modern, but had a huge backyard fenced & was patioed perfectly, a huge flowered gazebo and a video arcade in the basement. Desperately needs color, though, it was relentlessly white/cream. Mom enjoyed both homes quite a bit.