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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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June Checklist
Checking In
One thing I've definitely not kept up on: posting here. Yikes.

1 Not a damn thing. No exercise and eating terribly.  I'm eating lunch every day but that's the only improvement that's stuck.

2 No cleaning projects done, but nothing badly regressing. Meanwhile, I've collected plenty of organizing, financial and similar such apps for the Kindle, and as a result I've got life-type things organized to a goodly extent.

3 Kept up with the TV shows, and while I've only seen a few movies on the list, I've watched a lot of movies I've wanted to see. Still not where I want to be on music but I've listened to a lot of samples & previews. Slowed down a bit on books, just half of 'Feast of Crows', but caught up on a few magazines.

4 Survived the month of presents and conventions and things with my bank account in reasonable shape. I have got to get the car tuned up (one of the organizing apps is dutifully nagging me about this) and it's hard to schedule with constant medical appointments for both me and Mom. But, for a rare occasion, money is not an immediate concern.

5 Still working but the boss is getting testy again. A junior attorney clicked on a questionable e-mail and got the whole office infected with a whopper of a virus, and the boss is ticked at me instead of him. And the lack of work for me. Yippee. But Mom means another job is tricky.