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When Artists Invade the Internet

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As I Try to Return to the Land of the LJ
There are times when I've wanted to post to LJ, just because I had to say something. Invariably these times are when I'm driving/trying to sleep/otherwise not in a position to post. But most of the time I just have nothing to say. The last couple of years have sucked donkey balls and they do right now as well, which really discourages me from wanting to write or post. I want to be better about this. I will start small, with what I did today.

I have been doing the occasional transport for a dog rescue, and today I drove out to Hagerstown for the first time in 8-9 years to pick up a huge, hairy & pretty loopy Great Pyrenees named Aimes. I wanted to eat at my favorite restaurant in Hagerstown (awesome sushi) but it turns out they close between lunch & dinner, so I drove around a while. Hagerstown has not changed. Same stores, same stadium, same crappy rundown factories, really identical to last decade. I had meant to go up early and visit Antietam because I never have been there, though I've certainly been close, but I overslept. Boogers. In any event, Aimes was a gentleman and now he's in foster care waiting for his forever home.

The reason (well, one of them) I overslept is because for the first time in ages I'm having a fandom attack. I binge-watched the new Marvel series 'Daredevil' in 3 days and I am now quite obsessed. Always did like that comic, but wasn't expecting to become obsessed. Maybe it's because the show is the epitome of hurt/comfort genre, or maybe just because I forgot how amazing Charlie Cox's lips are. Especially with some scruff. Yummy, yummy. Need fic. Need vids. Need Charlie for my very own. And for some odd reason I like the black ninja outfit better than the red leather one. Go figure.

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I binged on DD two weeks ago. So much awesome!

Everyone's talking about DD! I'm glad you're enjoying it; I may check it out soon. I'm a little overdone on darker stuff lately, so my friend dragged me into the light, tropical world of Hawaii Five-0, and that's been my crack the last three days :D Definite brain candy to counteract the darkness of The Killing S3 (which is brilliant, but so dark).

Welcome back :D I haven't posted since December but I still check my flist every day. Good on you for doing transport! I'm on the volunteer list for a local cat rescue, but haven't had the opportunity to take part lately.

Its difficult to come back.
I have tried it...very difficult.
Good to see you back.

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