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Safe in the Suburbs
It occurred to me that as a Baltimore resident, I probably ought to mention that I'm on the opposite end of town from most of the trouble, and I have no reason to go into the city, so me and mine are safe. Although it was weird to watch 'American Crime' last week, ending as it did with a protest march turned violent, and then have it happen for real in my own town less than 48 hours later.

Speakimg of me and mine, my little 'family' has grown since I was here last. I rescued 3 dumbo rats last summer, unfortunately my favorite, Paige, passed away on Easter. Neither I nor the vet have any idea what was wrong. The other two, Piper & Phoebe, seem to actually be a little happier now, maybe it's more room in the cage. The other addition is in my icon - that's Mosely, who I rescued in February through the rescue I do transports for. He's an absolute love bug, but CJ is still not on board. She's getting better, especially now that I've been walking them together around the neighbor. The truce is uneasy but at least it exists.

Oh yeah - the Daredevil binging? Watched the whole thing twice and a couple eps more than that. Digging through Charlie Cox's filmography next.


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