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When Artists Invade the Internet

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Something Doesn't Make Sense
So I've been watching a bunch of TV shows and movies lately...a LOT of them...and I've concluded that there are three things I really, really can't deal with seeing on film.

1. Cruelty/violence to animals
2. Heights and the view therefrom
3. Decapitation.

Which begs the question - why in the HELL do I watch Game of Thrones? 'tis a mystery.

(And dang it, Daredevil hit 2 of the 3)

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I have an extreme aversion to rape scenes these days. And I'm disgusted and outraged at how they are able to show rape in such ways as to get around the R warning. Notably GoT last season where one of Crastor's wives taken on a table was blurred out behind the actors speaking, but every tit jiggle was noticeable anyway. No R warning given. DaVinci's Demons also had a jail rape scene that was not disclosed ahead of time. And if that's not bad enough, they replay such scenes on "Previously..." without needing a warning.

There's no awareness aspect to it either- it's served up as gratuitous entertainment, usually as the "hot white girl in peril" trope. I'm not entertained. Rather, it makes me want to smash a wall and go on a vigilante spree against sex offenders.

Some days I feel more mentally scarred by the crap I've seen on my television than some of the freakier shit I've actually seen in real life!

Look on the (bright?) side - there's no awareness by the filmmakers. Whereas with the animals, I swear they're all, ooh, let's show how edgy we are and kill an animal in the first or second episode! I've bailed on a lot of shows after an ep or two because they did that. And I stuck with Hannibal because they made a point of NOT doing that.


I'm heartily sick of animal killings, too. I know the world is not a warm and fuzzy place. And I don't think all of my entertainment should be Disney-fied and frivolous. But I'm getting tired of the wanton shock value and overly sensationalized gruesomeness as a ratings grabber.

Admittedly, I don't really care if I see human beings die. We're all shits, so whatever. Probably why I find Hannibal to be so morbidly fascinating. But I'm sick of seeing innocents being tortured, raped and murdered. I don't mind gore, but I want it with the satisfaction of justice behind it. I want to see a vile mass murderer be eviscerated, not some poor bunny rabbit.

#3 is why I was instantly turned off to GOT. And every time David puts it on, someone else's body part is being cut off. Just...nope. No can do.

Yep, I can handle things being cut off in the context of a fight or battle, but planned loppings...eek.

Please tell me Daredevil hit points 2 and 3 and not point 1, because if so, it's coming out of my queue.

No worries. There's barely animals *in* Daredevil. But of course Daredevil has to stand at the tops of buildings and look down *shudder* and there's a de-heading destined for pop culture legend.

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