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Another Nostalgia Trip
Did what was probably my last transport for a while (unemployment runs out in a couple weeks, I don't think I should be running up a gas bill at that point) and went to Flintstone, Maryland. Actually, I went all the way to Frostburg, aka my alma mater. By the time I got there it was pouring rain and time was short, so I didn't make it as far as the college campus, but I went in far enough to see things haven't changed much. The crap movie theater is still there and still crap. Fox's Pizza is still there (I didn't like their pizza 25 years ago!). Driving through LaVale and Cumberland, they haven't changed either. Cumberland was dead 20 years ago and it still is. What did change is that now there's a state park and a casino between Cumberland & Flintstone. Quite the setup they have there.

I picked up a white boxer named Sugar Baby (yes, really) who had supposedly just been neutered (he wasn't) but was wearing a cone anyway (much hilarity ensued.) He only had to go to Hagerstown. The other was a mutt named Skeeter who just became a tripod. His entire leg was removed, including the hip joint. Poor guy. He was a sweetheart, if I'd thought for a second CJ would accept him I'd be interested. He rode down to DC after I dropped him off in Baltimore.

I have a couple days this week to try to finish cleaning the laundry room (my mother's dumping ground), bathe the dogs and clean the house before I have a mini-job fair and then...Balticon.