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My Little Family, Shrinking
One of my rats, Paige, passed away on Easter. I think it was a kidney infection, but she didn't respond to treatment.

Yesterday, a second rat, Phoebe, passed. She was with us at 10:30 but not when I checked her at noon. The third rat, Piper, bit Phoebe on the butt 3 weeks ago and it never healed, despite antibiotics, etc. Piper bit Phoebe again Tuesday night and Phoebe just gave up on life.

So, the two rats I liked are gone, and the one that bites me at every chance is still here. Not fair. Rats don't do well alone, but clearly Piper doesn't like roomies and since I still have no job, it seems to me I shouldn't spend the money I can't afford on a new rat that Piper won't treat well.

Fortunately, the dogs are fine.
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