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What A Wasted Trip
I thought this afternoon's errands/shopping trip would take several hours. It took 90 minutes, if that.

I'm trying to get my mother's wedding & engagement rings appraised, since she has no further use for them & I'm in a bad way financially. (Used the last of my unemployment benefits today; I have $20 some cash left.) So far I've been told $1500, $300, & we only do that one day a month. Today I was told 'pay us $30 first'. If I *had* $30 I wouldn't be trying to sell the damn rings, people. Guess I better get over to the first store tomorrow.

Then I went job shopping in a shopping center. The new place is still under construction; manager says they haven't even begun thinking about hiring yet. Every other place in the shopping center - 5 of them - is a chain store requiring online job applications. I've filled out a bunch of those for a variety of businesses; I get an acknowledgement that I applied & never hear another word again. Has anyone ever gotten a job this way? Because they won't even acknowledge reading it. Maybe they just see I have a college degree & immediately trash my application. But in any event, I'm not sure it's worth the hour per application it takes to never hear from these places again.

Finally, I went grocery shopping (hence the last of the money). What I really wanted was on huge sale, but perishable, & I won't be home the next couple of days. So I just got what I had to get, plus ice cream, my one pleasure in life now. But in the meantime, what is a greater sign that the apocalypse is upon us - Star Wars-themed coffee creamer? Or Christmas flavors before Labor Day? Either way, I'm mortified.

Oh, and it's 95 degrees and humid. Yuck.