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I Will Not Miss 2015
2015 has pretty much sucked for me, start to finish, and it's finishing with a kick. I'm still not a permanent employee. My mother doesn't know who I am any more. My new health insurance (through ACA) was cancelled by the insurer because 'I didn't pay the premium before December 1'; they conveniently left out the part where they didn't process my account or the invoice until Dec 6 and didn't contact me until Dec 10. Still haven't gotten that straightened out, and my prescriptions run out tomorrow. Great.

But the big issue is that last week, just two blocks from the office, a kid ran a stop sign at speed. I was already in the intersection & couldn't stop in time to avoid him. Fortunately he admitted liability and I didn't think I was hurt. But the next morning - apparently I jammed my feet, esp my right heel, & my feet keep getting worse. It hurts to stand, much less walk. Meanwhile, my 2007 Mazda3 was a total loss. I'd never had a mechanical issue with it, and I intended to drive it at least another 5 years - I like not having a car payment, among other things. I found myself with only a few days to find another car, with an amount of money that was a decent down payment but not enough to buy any car outright (at least, not one under 125,000 miles.) & the only car I found in that short time was more than the quickie budget I put together. So now I have a car payment again, which really peeves me. I had plenty of smaller aggravations as well, a new one every day it seems. I finished up with a 2010 Mazda3, fewer miles than the deceased car and pretty well loaded. Less storage, both less cargo space in the trunk and few spaces up front to stow things. Nice car but I'd still rather not have a payment, esp not without a permanent job.

So 2015, bite me.
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