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Finally Finished Daredevil S2
Lots of thinky thoughts about Season 2 Daredevil, some related to my little jaunt to NYC last August http://gonzai55.livejournal.com/#post-gonzai55-500420, some spoilery, some not, but to be safe, putting everything behind the cut.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
1 - Kudos to the Daredevil makeup crew for remembering all of Matt's injuries from last season. Good to see a show that doesn't just hand-wave that.

2 - Although they never said so explicitly, Matt had a concussion. Interesting idea to explore the effect of a concussion on someone with supersenses.

3 - I think there may have been too many characters shoehorned in here, although certain cameos were appreciated.

4 - It's about frickin' time Matt told Karen he was Daredevil. Should have done it a helluva lot sooner.

5 - The place I first conked out in Brooklyn, & finally found out where they were filming, was in front of a bar. That bar is where the Irish gangsters were taken out in the first ep and the street scene with Brett, Foggy & Matt is where I was sitting for a rest.

6 - Tony Curran was at Shore Leave last summer, which would have been right about the same time he was filming Daredevil. Wish I'd known.

7 - My pretty little hill where I sat for hours waiting? That's the hill in Ep 4 where Frank collapses on the gravestone and makes his long speech. Jon Bernthal is now forgiven for ignoring me when I was outside the dining hall, he must have been doing some serious getting into character. (Glad Charlie only had to sit and listen to Jon all night, so he could say hi.)

8 - Damn, but the stunt crew were busy bees this season. Good job fellas!

9 - I genuinely thought Reyes or Tower was the Blacksmith. I should know better. How often is Clancy Brown the good guy?

10 - I am amused at how much time and effort was put into putting Daredevil on top of the archway, only for about a 3 second shot.

And now for the big question - what happened to Frank's dog?