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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

Gonzai Goes to NYC
In a fit of insanity, I decided to go up to NYC, just an up-and-back on the MegaBus, to meet up with some Twitter pals and set off in search of the Daredevil film set and, hopefully, Charlie Cox. Which reminds me, I didn't post the drawing of Charlie I finished Monday night.

The long partCollapse )

And that was my adventure.

I learned something new on Twitter yesterday/this morning. Apparently, if your avatar on the internet is of a dog (oh, hey Digby, Mosely, and a couple dogs I happened to photograph at dogshows) you are a flaming racist. Obviously, I don't subscribe to this theory - I've always thought a dog avatar meant you loved your pet/thought the pic was amusing. Like Avenue Q says, we're all a little bit racist and that does apply to me and everyone else, but how liking your own pets makes you (the Charleston terrorist, for example) baffles me. I'm not sure if I'm more upset that having Mosely as my avatar on Twitter brands me a racist, or that dogs as a whole are now seen as a sign of racism.

WTF, people?

My Little Family, Shrinking
One of my rats, Paige, passed away on Easter. I think it was a kidney infection, but she didn't respond to treatment.

Yesterday, a second rat, Phoebe, passed. She was with us at 10:30 but not when I checked her at noon. The third rat, Piper, bit Phoebe on the butt 3 weeks ago and it never healed, despite antibiotics, etc. Piper bit Phoebe again Tuesday night and Phoebe just gave up on life.

So, the two rats I liked are gone, and the one that bites me at every chance is still here. Not fair. Rats don't do well alone, but clearly Piper doesn't like roomies and since I still have no job, it seems to me I shouldn't spend the money I can't afford on a new rat that Piper won't treat well.

Fortunately, the dogs are fine.
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New? Art? From Me?!?
Yes, it's true. For the first time in 5 years, I did art. And reminded myself, painfully, why I quit in the first place. The doctor tells me I've developed carpal tunnel despite not having a job and doing a whopping one piece of art. Dammit.

Anyway, the Daredevil obsession brought this on. I found a nifty screenshot from the third ep
art image 1-03.jpg

And decided to see if I could render it in scratchboard

Matt Murdock sm.jpg

If I can get the feeling back in my hands, I'd like to get back on the art horse. I haven't lost the talent, at least, just the physical capacity.

The Flag Is Down (Briefly)
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Today Is a Beautiful Day
Well, it's supposed to rain, but you get the idea.

Marriage is marriage is the same everywhere!

Mosely Goes On Tour
Well, not very far. I took Mosely over to a nursing home today, figuring the mothers might need some excitement. My boy was most popular. Took half an hour just to get through the lobby!

I Am A Klutz
Things aren't so great for me physically, of late. I've somehow developed what the doctor thinks is carpal tunnel in my right hand (How? I'm not working) One of the 'prescriptions' is to sleep on my back instead of my side. So now I don't sleep worth a darn, and my back, neck & shoulders are killing me.

Today I sucked it up to go buy dog food, knowing it would hurt to move that around, and I began my trip to the pet store by getting caught up in Mosely's leash and in the process of getting untangled, slammed my bad shoulder into the car door. It's getting colorful. And now everything hurts. Dammit.

Come On Feel the Noise
I've spent much of yesterday and today binge-watching 'The Pacific' (on Ep 9 now). I think the dogs are planning a mutiny. The rats might help.

Sorry, critters, but war movies are hell.

RIP Sir Christopher Lee
Farewell to one of the greatest 'second acts' - and third and fourth acts - of all time. I'm going to miss that awesome voice.